First post, kind of.

Hi there! New blog, old blogger. My old site just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. This site is dedicated to training and motivation. Motivation for others. I blog to share experience and to keep learning. The meaning behind Do Work n’ Destroy is that I strongly believe in pushing yourself (do work) and breaking past demons (destroy).

Next weekend I will be participating in Ruck to Remember, a SERE event. It’s a 60+ mile ruck from West Virginia to Arlington National Cemetary. 28 days away is the Spartan Death Race.

It’s safe to say I enjoy pushing my physical and mental limits. It’s also safe to say you will hear the words death and race A LOT in the upcoming month 😉

Please check out my ‘Sarah’ page to learn more about the site and also check out my upcoming events page!

That’s all for now as I’ve got another workout calling my name.

Do Work n’ Destroy.


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