It’s go time

Hey there! Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my new site and I hope that you enjoy what I’ll be posting here.

Tomorrow after work I will be heading down to the Boston area to snag Lisa and head to Ivana’s where Katie will also be waiting for us. Now, let me tell you these three women are both inspirational and completely badass. Being involved in the sport of adventure racing and traveling to events has allowed for me to grow friendships with some very remarkable individuals. Friendships that I respect and hope to hold onto over the years. Friends that race together stay together 😉 See now I’m getting a little ridiculous.

SO why am I heading to Boston? It’s Ruck to Remember time!

Saturday morning we will be meeting up with more people and making the long car ride down to Harpers Ferry WV. Our rally point time is 19:00. What this means is everyone doing the event will meet at our rally point to check gear/make sure everyone is there before heading off. Once all set will start our 60+ mile trek as a team to Arlington National Cemetery – Section 60. The terrain will be rough trails and open road. Most of our time will be spent on the Appalachian Trail. It is expected to take us right around 30 hours to complete this mission.

A mandatory gear list was given and from that I have decided what else I think I might need. Lots of gold bond, Neosporin, Band-aid tough strips (best invention ever) and extra Injinji socks for the toes. Trying to plan out food has been the hardest challenge as 60 miles is no joke, especially through the Appalachians. Lots of almond butter and fruit will be making it’s way into my pack for sure.

To be honest I almost dropped from the event. I am not fully recovered from the Peak Ultra Marathon May 12th. I’m having some problems to say the least with a few toenails, including the big ones which is no walk in the park. I’ve been 50/50 all week and just made the decision this morning to stay in. I’m staying in because this event is to remember those who have sacrificed and fought for us. It’s about team and being part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s supporting those around us and doing it for those who can’t. I know that it will not be easy and I still have doubts on being capable to physically finish but knowing I will have a team with me is reassuring and provides a sense of calmness.


Source: Gruntworks

I will do a recap after the event. I hope you all have a good Memorial Day Weekend and please take time to reflect on those who have fought.


8 thoughts on “It’s go time

  1. Excellent post! I look forward to meeting you and pounding out these 60+ miles together. We have an awesome team which is going to be important as the hours roll by. Personally I think Jolly is underestimating the time it will take but the important part is that we are together through the whole experience. Bookmarking your blog!

  2. Good luck with Ruck to Remember! I can’t wait to read your posts about it. I think it’s so amazing that you do these crazy long endurance races, it’s gotta be so different than just running a half marathon or something (not that that’s not a huge accomplishment, it is- but you’re one of the few people I know my age who’s into endurance).

    I hope the toenails don’t give you too much trouble!

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