Spartan Death Race

It’s been a few weeks since the race now, and has sadly taken this long to fully recap and process all that went down that weekend. The race was June 15th-17th. Yes almost three full days of fun.

I did not finish. I blame nobody but myself. I’m 100% happy with my performance and even just starting. I’ve learned some weaknesses both through the race itself and just the whole training process. I’ve also found some of my strengths. I believe it’s important to focus on the overall, not just strengths, not just weaknesses. If we focus all on our weaknesses it’s easy to get stuck in a lull. Balance people, balance.

The event itself was phenomenal. After I was done I didn’t want to just go home. I stuck around the remainder of the weekend #1 to wait for Ella to finish #2 just to take in the experience.

229960_10151080678885127_821914690_nBefore some of the fun

Favorite part? Sewing our bib numbers onto our black compression shirts. Yes black compression shirt was on the gear list.

545340_10150977668127170_1336486253_n545 whaddup

Close by in ranking though comes sitting around in the pond full of what better than chicken poop.

250597_10150891642123037_1818107948_nMy shirt still smells, like poop

Now your probably asking why haven’t I washed the shirt? Well sewed on duct tape only stays on so well… I like risks but that’s just way too risky.

This years race theme was betrayal and might I say Andy and Joe (race directors) know their shit. We enjoyed some sign reading, people telling us to quit and a few other weak tactics trying to mentally break racers. I will give them props to keeping racers away from their extra gear, including food and water, for over 24 hours though. That’s tough. That calls for some drops, not because people don’t mentally have it but because you get weaker and sick. It’s not an excuse, it just happens. If you get sick bets are off, you do what you got to do.

Some of the tasks racers had to do were: chopping wood, filling a driveway with gravel, burpees, carrying concrete, carried slosh pipes/tires/kayaks, trips up and down the ravine, over 50 miles walked/shuffled, take an exam, rolled laps in a field and hay barrel stacking. There was much more but those are some of the good ones.

Most of the weekend is a total blur. I know it was fun, challenging and a valuable experience. I do know that it looked as if I were moving out.

603144_10150964036057170_790574511_nYes this is an instagram picture. Yes I now hate that rucksack.

I will be back to race again whether it be for 2013 or 2014 I’m not yet sure. I should probably make up my mind on goals. Well, actually I have but I’m not telling anybody anything just yet Winking smile

Time to do work n’ hit new goals.


2 thoughts on “Spartan Death Race

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t finish the death race, but I’m still super proud of you for all your training and even TRYING such a difficult race. I mean most girls are age aren’t in that sort of thing and heck, most don’t even do a local 5K, but for you to attempt something so difficult, it says a lot about your tenacity, endurance, and character. I love the shirts and how you guys sewed the numbers on them too!

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