Coffee n’ iron

I had to say iron. I hate using iron as reference to the weight room. It sounds bad. I’m stopping now.

photo 1That’d be what I wake up to errry morning

What’s better than a good cup of coffee along with a little breakfast for some pre-workout fuel? Lifting fuel that is.

Lately I’ve been working with Wendler’s 5-3-1 program. Love/hate relationship. Where it’s nice to be doing lower rep and higher weight I’m still drawn to 5×5 or even doing my own style programming of 6×4. 4 rep lifts are perfect, as sometimes 5 is just too much but 3 doesn’t make you want to quit. I also miss doing more squats. They are one of the main foundation movements you know… Obviously you know that… Luckily the accessory exercises are kind of choose your own/modify, well I’ll be choosing to add squats in on deadlift day. Front squats. Hey there heavy loaded bar in my trachea. I’m bad at positioning. Actually my shoulders and elbows just need big time mobility work.


I’m sticking this one out though, being a tough girl.

My goal is to increase my lifts. I want to gain my strength back after doing mostly cardio and higher rep functional work with the death race. My deadlifts are currently hand in hand with squats when they should be much higher. Weak back I guess. Lots of work to be done, weight to be lifted and food to be eaten. Food to grow. I can’t just live off coffee, although that’d be quite nice as it’s delicious.

I’m thinking about throwing up a “STATS” tab with my lifts and progress. Hmm probably will do Smile


Front squats or back squats? OR both?


2 thoughts on “Coffee n’ iron

  1. Post progress! Of course I want to see it! And, needing to find a good program or something for myself. I love to mix it up though. Currently I am doing the Jamie Eason LiveFit program (for the 2nd time) and throwing in my own conditioning, tabata, plyo, and sprint workouts. I wonder if I should focus on heavy heavy lifts (like 3-5 rep range) and then supplement with intense bursts of cardio. Always second guessing my training. I was doing crossfit with a group, but scheduling gets in the way. I LOVED crossfit type workouts. What do you recommend, great friend? 🙂

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