10 days.

Hey hey! What’s shakin’??

For the past 6 days and the next 4 days (10, durrrr) I haven’t/will not train. Yeah. Honestly coming from a person who can easily spend upwards of 3 hours training 6 days per week… it feels damn good.

We all know our bodies. I’m not saying cop out at the first sign on pain. Don’t give up because you had a bad day. BUT don’t push through injuries and/or medical problems. Taking a break doesn’t make you weak. It actually in most cases makes you stronger.


Won’t be strong… if your injured.

Think about it… in the gym you push your body hard day in and day out. The focus and discipline of keeping on program, meal prep, active recovery, ect it all creates wear and tear on the body. I’m guessing most of us either have a full time job or are a full time student on top of training? It’s possible to keep a tight knit schedule, quite frankly most do very well with one. It’s for how long it can be withstood. The human body can do a lot, fight through almost anything and be strong when we need it too. BUT on the opposite end of the spectrum if we don’t take care of it, that push it gives us won’t last forever. For those of you thinking ‘oh but I take a day off’ yeah, I don’t care. This applies to you too.

You know that nagging shoulder pain you’ve been having but decide to push through it anyways for a few months before oh, wait you’ve got some tendonitis, or even better you just happened to tear your rotator cuff… that’s great.

Minor knee injury? No prob, let’s go run that marathon anyways. Shit, blew it out.

Rest when you need. Push the remainder of the time. Just because person x, y and z can maintain 2 workouts a day 6 days a week doesn’t mean everyone else can. Not one human body is the same, remember that. If there is one point you take away from this be it that your body is different from every other body on the planet. Listen to it. Fight and push through, but don’t be an idiot.



3 thoughts on “10 days.

  1. That’s awesome that you’re strong enough to take a break. I mean, so many people who work out worry that even taking a few days off will cause them to lose their fitness, which isn’t true. It says a lot about you as a person that you have the ability to rest guilt-free and realize that it helps your body :). Plus you can enjoy other things like spending more time with family and friends, exploring your town, relaxing, etc.

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