Extended resting

Hey hey there! In my last post I discussed the general importance of rest. I was taking 10 days off from training all together. Let me tell you, it was wonderful. Obviously though at day 11 I was back in the gym cranking it. Did I work back up to where I was gradually? No. Did I take account for the fact I still have some lingering injuries? No. Did I over do it yet again? Yes. I wasn’t ready to go back.

It’s now been a little over a week since I’ve set foot in the gym and let me tell you I’m loving it. I’ve been swimming and doing yoga still to keep sane but frankly I want to stop the swimming. Yoga only sounds great to my ears.

I’m a firm believer that when we really DO NOT want to do something that has been a habitual practice for years… well, then there is something wrong. Something is out of whack. I’ve been consistently training with a week off here and there (all timed into my plan) for over 3 years now. I’ve loved it. Sure, I had days I was tired and worn out and just didn’t feel like going but I did and I felt better by the end of my workout. Back into my groove. Not this time, I’m not hitting the groove. I’m not getting anything out of going to the gym and lifting. So I’m not. At first I was terrified I was getting lazy, butletsbehonest I’m the busiest person I know…

We get one life and I refuse to dread what it is I’m doing. I know in my mind that the day will come (probably sooner than later) where I’m ready to get my groove back but the spark just isn’t there right now. I’m going to respect that for once.

I’m trying to ignite some new passions and interests with this added time in my schedule. I’m still keeping busy though between 3 jobs and school starts back up September fourth. Anatomy & Physiology, PreCalc, Intro to Psych, and Into to Exercise Science will rule my mind… on top of those 3 jobs. Busy busy bee.

sb study

Not too long and this will be my afternoons again, SB study sessions. WIFI saves me.

Anyways, igniting passions. I’ve always been interested in reading, specifically scientific fiction and history but never found the want to actually sit down with a book, until now. Painting has caught my interest for years and I’m really now looking into it. I actually love yoga. I want to spend more time with my friends and family. I want to learn who I am outside of training, because let’s be honest it took over my life. It was my life and nothing non-fitness related was aloud in… for years.

early morning cof

Coffee with the bestie, I’m the little guy for once (can you tell I enjoy coffee Winking smile)



2 thoughts on “Extended resting

  1. You have a ton going on and I don’t blame you to take a break- take as long as you need. I mean, nobody’s paying us to work out, we’re not on scholarships for a team, etc- you should do what you love! Maybe that’s it, sticking to a schedule and training plan for so long just has you kinda burnt out. You gotta respect your body… working out will always be there. Look at the people in their 60s and 70s who are still doing runs and stuff.

    Painting is so awesome and I love it too :). Plus your schedule sounds intense with school and work but they sound like fun classes, at least exercise science and psych!

  2. Happy for this!!! I think I need some rest soon. Allergies are hitting me hard and school has just started. I am pooped! Definitely going to listen to my body more often now that I have more stress going on. Text me anytime, girl. I am sorry that I am not good at responding. I will get better! We need to set up a skype date!

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