Helloooooo there fellow bloggies!

For those of you who followed my previous site and any new readers, I’m going to try like it’s my job to get back to blogging. I truly miss it and the whole community. I thought about going back to my old blog with recent happenings, thinking it was more fitting… but, you know what THIS site was made for a purpose. To start a new chapter of my life and I’m going to continue on with this chapter and not go back into the past.

I love the message behind Do Work N’ Destroy. So much power to create something good, something positive and to never give in (to demons).

SOO a quick update: the fall school semester is under way, I’m working two jobs, NOT training in the gym, trying to learn balance and now getting back to this thing called blogging 🙂

fall sem 12

My classes this semester are Anatomy & Physiology 1, Intro to Exercise Science, Intro to Psychology and Algebra… majoring in Exercise Science by the way! I love it! For those of you who have taken college Anatomy you can help me attest to this one, holy crap such a crazy insane hard workload!!!!! It’s fun but wow…

Jobs are part-time at a family owned market (think smaller version of Whole Foods), and babysitting some little munchkins who I adore!

Not in the gym, yes you read that correctly. More to come on this as it’ pretty in depth but I’ve been doing some yoga and stretching at home just to keep sane.

Talk soon!


4 thoughts on “I’m BAAAAACK.

  1. Hey! Glad to hear from you again. I miss your blogging so much and I hope it becomes regular again (if you’re up to it of course!). I just love how motivating you are. I’m glad you’re enjoying this busy and fun time in life. Booya! Can’t wait to hear about your (not) training. I’m interested!!

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