Another week down

Hey there Smile

Another week of school down… and now moving into the 4th week of my first full semester in college! It’s a bittersweet feeling as the “newbie” effect has worn off and I now just have a lot of work to get done. I swear that homework is never ending, there is always something I can be catching up on/reading/studying ect. It’s good though, a good busy! I hope that I never stop learning.

All the mornings that usually start like this—

life is good coffee

Well, they are going to have to stop. These past few days I’ve only been drinking 1 cup of coffee in the mornings versus my typical two in the morning and one early afternoon. When I swallow it feels like something is burning my esophagus the whole way down and about 10 minutes later I start feeling really sick. Eh, sign from the coffee gods? I hope not. So, I’ll be cutting it out for a week or two and hopefully that does the trick because I’m in love with the substance.

Just finished my first Anatomy lab report!!! Fingers crossed! I hate the first of labs and tests because you just don’t know what to expect as far as grading/material covered. For instance, I know I did my best on this lab however if it’s not written up exactly how my professor wants it I’ll receive less points. I guess the lesson here is just do your personal best!

It’s 8:14 and I’m ready for bed, I feel like a grandma. That’s ok! I know my body can use the rest after a full weekend of studying and work which includes today’s 8-6 shift makin the cash money. Tomorrow’s a new day full of babysitting and classes, I’m ready to get this week underway!


Whose in College, what is your major, feelings of this semester so far?

How much coffee (or tea) do you typically drink per day?


7 thoughts on “Another week down

  1. Love these little updates 😀 I think it’s fabulous you’re so optimistic about classes and this new chapter in life, keep rockin it girl!
    My major is marine biology! And I’m totally loving this semester so far– finally getting into classes that are just focused on my major aka no more chem haha Gotta love almost being done with all that core crap!
    Hope your week rocks sista!

  2. Glad to see you’re back into blogging now :). I love coffee too but am trying to limit it, it’s hard though with having a keurig and it’s just so tasty! Plus i work from home and it’s tempting bc I’m always here now. Good luck with your anatomy labs, I remember how hard those labs were and time consuming too!

    That is an awesome coffee mug too :). Definitely keep it around even if you’re not drinking coffee as much!

    • Amy!!! How are you doing?? Ah the coffee problem, I hear you with having a keurig…. it just makes it so darn easy, and when pumpkin k cups are lurking around it’s tough 😉

      I’ve been using the mug for tea!!!!

  3. I took anatomy last year and it was a time sucker that’s for sure. But, it’s worth it because you learn so much about the body and it’s actually very interesting. Plus, once you get into your more advanced exercise classes, you already know the musculature, movements, metabolism, etc. makes other classes a breeze! 🙂

    too bad about the coffee, my dear. 😦 I wish I could have it more than once a day. I can…but I try to limit it. I tend to get too dehydrated otherwise. An iced one is calling my name this evening, though. boooo. what do you put in your coffee? I saw a coconut oil + raw honey combo that looked delicious. I want to try it sometime when I can cough up enough cash for raw honey, ha!

    • Yes, yes it is a time sucker! That is a great description for it too, thanks my girl 🙂 It is totally worth it though for what I’m taking away from the class.

      How much water are you drinking that your getting dehydrated from more than one cup o joe? MMmm so tasty. I just put whole milk in mine, I can’t do sugar at all it makes me gag! I’ve seen the coconut oil thing all over blog/instagram worlds!!! Let me know if you try it

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