Hellooooo there bloggies!

I wanted to pop on by and give some updates. First off, my brain is going in 100 different directions at once lately… Yielding in the following result

photo 1

HOT, I know Winking smile

Today I had lab for Anatomy. Monday is lab day, Wednesday is lecture day. Both are from 2-4:30pm. Obviously pm, there would never be 2am class… that would be absurd. In lab the lesson was on cell structure and we looked at dog blood that was mixed with different solutions to see which ones were hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic. Then we put starch mixed with water in a tube, placed it in a 250mL beaker with water/iodine and watched the diffusions occur. SO COOL. Ahhh, science talk sorryi’mnotsorry. I love this stuff.

I’ve been trying to stay away from coffee so this morning was tea time

photo 2

Trader Joe’s Black Cinnamon Vanilla

Note: I’m also obsessed with instagram. See above picture (plus about 97.4% of my others)…

So far school is going really well. My grades are all awesome and I’m happy with my classes. I feel like I’m learning a bunch too which is a definite plus!!!!!! I’m trying not to attach to much of a stigma with ABSOLUTELY HAVING to get A’s. I know that I can maintain them (knock on wood) but still pressure kills me. And right now pressure is the last thing I need.


What is your favorite “flavor” or type of tea?

Instagram obsessed?

Please…. do talk science with me (I know I’m not the only one)


5 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. I’m glad school is going well and your grades are good, sounds like your classes are pretty tough and lab classes are definitely harder! My husband had 3 sciences, 3 labs, during one semester and it was just crazy for me to think about! I couldn’t do it.

    I’ve only had flavored tea a few times, but I do like vanilla chai!

    • Oh man the labs really are the worst! I would have never guessed how much material A&P truly covers, it’s crazy. Only week 5 and I’ve learned so much. I cannot even imagine doing all that like your husband in one semester… big props to him!

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