New week and some fav’s

Hey there! First off, thank you so much for the support on my last post! Seriously, it means A LOT.

Sleeping has been going a little bit better with the increased intake but I’m still having nights where I either a) wake up and fall back asleep every 30-60 minutes OR b) wake up at some ridiculous hour and end up starting my day because I get sick of laying tossing and turning in bed.

Today was one of those days, up at 3:30am finally got out of bed at 4:50 when I decided I probably wasn’t going to be successful at falling back asleep… Hopped in the shower and did all that and then got together some breakfast!

(warning: I’m breaking out the festive snowman mug! I know its super early but I love this guy Winking smile)


Alongside an apple with cinnamon n almond butter

Adorable, no? Bought this last year at a pottery shop right next to my work! They make a bunch of products but I’ was obviously attracted to the mug…

With my tea and apple I had some eggs with spinach! If you follow me on Instagram this picture was from dinner a few nights back, it was so good I repeated it as part of my breakfast.

eggs n spin


Actually obsessed with the eggs/spinach combo. This was last nights dinner made into an omelet with hot sauce! Love love love franks.

I think that with trying to get my act together so that I can gain back my strength, continue doing well in school, and get back into the gym it’s important that I’m eating high quality foods. Eggs, apples, spinach, almond butter, these are all really good. I do know though I have a tendency to be ridiculously obsessive about healthy choices and with needed to gain I realize I really can’t just eat protein, fruits, and veggies ALL DAY. This is going to be a huge learning experience and I’m stoked.

And I want my sleep back.

Waking up early did have one perk though, I had time to write a post this morning vs tonight after classes Smile Ready to go attack this day and make it a good week!


What is one fun thing you have going on this week?

Eggs… omelet, scrambled, over-easy??


8 thoughts on “New week and some fav’s

  1. That’s awesome you’re fueling your body with quality foods and awesomeness– you’re gonna be back to your old self in NO time my friend. I love your motivation, you can almost feel it through your posts! 😀
    AND HECK YES TO EGGS WITH SPINACH!!! Love that combo too 🙂 I like omelettes, but I can never really make one successfully so usually I just eat eggs scrambled heehee
    Have a fantastic week!

    • Cannot wait to be back, gah it’s exciting and motivating!!! Yay I’m so happy to read that you can “feel” the motivation, makes me smile. Smile big like :)))
      Scrambles of eggs n spinach are just as good IF NOT better than omelets so it’s all good!
      Thank you girl, you too!!!!

  2. What a seriously adorable mug 🙂
    And I feel you on the no sleep thing. I have a sleep number bed ($3000) and that STILL doesnt help ne. It helps my body, but I still struggle with my insomnia. Sometimes I literally just stare at the ceiling for HOURS!

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