October yoga challenge

It’s time for a challenge… October yoga challenge that is! Thank you, Courtney for this great idea Smile



The Challenge…

This challenge can be personalized to each individual, depending on goals/fitness levels/health concerns ect! For me, I have to say flexibility is a major weak point. I did yoga in the past routinely but fell off that wagon and have allowed my muscles to turn tight and flexibility to go to the wayside. It’s pretty bad. I can’t touch my toes. My left SI joints a disaster and well yeah, I need some yoga therapy Winking smile SOOOO when I saw this challenge I was obviously stoked.

  • I’m going for 20 minutes minimum 4 times a week
  • 20 minutes will cover basic down dog/up dog, child’s pose (duuuuh), warrior, pigeon, and maybe some more depending on tight areas. Definitely want to incorporate the basics for back/pelvic regions though.
  • Try to fit some yoga group classes into my school schedule. There are a few awesome instructors at my gym and I would love to get back into the swing of taking their classes. Plus, dark room+candles+calming music+corpse pose = ridiculously amazing.


Why YOU should get in on this…

  • Challenges are fun, especially new ones
  • Yoga feels good and can be a major technique for stress relief


WHEN I’ll update y’all

  • Mondays will have a post with a recap of the previous week
  • If you follow me on Instagram I’ll be hash tagging with #myyogachallenege


SOOO do this challenge

Get into down dog

Eat a kind bar


And be happy

If you don’t, I might give you a look like this…



Are you a yoga fan?

Favorite flavor of kind bar?… if you’ve never had one go buy cherry dark chocolate asap… your life will never be the same Winking smile


18 thoughts on “October yoga challenge

  1. I love yoga! I originally tried it when I was hurt and couldn’t run much, and I fell in love and now do it once a week, at least, as a recovery activity. It really is great for runners or anyone who does a lot of physical activity, it keeps you from getting injured and helps with soreness. Also it calms you down, helps with digestion/gas (eeh, TMI I know but true), your lungs and heart, etc. Plus it’s awesome you’re trying something new :).

    • It’s so fun, and relaxing! YESSSS injury recovery activity for the win. Lol the digestive health… totally not TMI not a worry, trust me.
      I’m happy to hear your a fellow yoga fan 🙂

  2. I LOVE yoga. I love the beauty in the movement, and the mind-body connection, and how it’s not just about strength and flexibility but the fullness in your postures, and the balance between relaxation and work at the same time. And I love that the focus is movements that nourish your muscles, joints–everything.

    It’s wonderful.

    • Agreed! It really is wonderful. I love how you talk about it not just being about strength and flexibilty but more the postures and balance of relaxtion/work. This is SO true and I think a often overlooked concept. Yoga isn’t meant to be a competition with the guy next to you (which, admittidly I try and do) but more it’s about yourself and being present.
      Thanks girl for your words!

    • I’m so glad you agree! 20 minutes is perfect, not too much time that it gets in the way but just enough to fully reap some benefits of relaxtion and flexibility. Awwh, thank you 😉

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