First Yoga Challenge

Hey hey there! Good morning and happy Monday 😉 I hope your all ready for another week, another good week. Keep it positive people.

Today is my first official October Yoga Challenge recap. In my last post I wrote about what my goals were to doing this challenge.

A brief summary of my goals:

  • 20 minutes minimum 4 times a week
  • 20 minutes will cover the basics for back/pelvic regions.
  • Try to fit in some group yoga classes.

What I have hit?

Every single day since I read about the challenge last Tuesday, I’ve done 20 minutes of yoga at least each day. Some days I hit right around 20, others I’m racking up closer to 40-45 solid minutes. The verdict? It feels amazing.

Basics are covered daily. Down down, up dog, child’s pose, pigeon, warrior. I’ll never get sick of these.

I haven’t been to a group class yet but I will before the end of October! That’s the goal and I’m planning to hit that goal because it’s totally achievable.


Child’s pose. Why is this called child’s pose? I really don’t get it.


Down dog. Oh hey look who has madly tight hamstrings. This girl right here. Gotta get on that rumble roller you see next to me in the picture… That thing hurts so good. But that’s a topic for another day.

If you want to get in on this challenge you should do it. Yoga helps you relax both physically and mentally. Kill two birds with one stone. If you want to get in on it but don’t know much about yoga practice check out for some free info and classes. Yes, free… That four letter word that starts with an f that everyone loves. No, not the other f word… Jeeze people this is a positive post 😉

Well, it’s time for babysitting then school. Have a great day and go get on the yoga challenge train.

Why is child’s posed named that?

What is your go to yoga pose?


13 thoughts on “First Yoga Challenge

  1. SO cool! I think it’s neat you’re doing this challenge!! I should really start doing yoga again, my hammies are super tight as well and I could prolly benefit from some stretching and stress-relief 🙂
    I honestly have NO idea why it’s called a child’s pose, but dude, everytime I get into that pose I ALWAYS fall asleep!!! hahaha

    • Holy crap tight hammies are the WORST. Let’s hold each other accountable to work on them, mmk?! 😉 Oh and yes constantly trying to keep myself awake in that pose, it’s a problem! Get on this challenege girl

  2. Hey, it’s called child’s pose because the spine in this position forms the primary curve babies have before being born (the other curve forms while being pressed through the birth channel while the entire spine only reaches its final shape during the late teens).

    Enjoy yoga! 🙂


  3. I love child’s pose too! It’s so relaxing and soothing. There are also a few other poses that are super relaxing as well but also good stretches. Really cool and proud of you for doing this challenge! My hammies are always tight like that too but as the challenge continues you will notice a difference!

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