Work hard… And then, work harder.

I’m a firm believer that you get what you work for. Life isn’t easy. Reaching our goals, and dreams isn’t easy. If it was easy nobody would set goals. Nobody would have anything to work for.

(Insert trigger warning. This is fully PRO RECOVERY but if your deep into any eating issues take this with caution.)

What am I getting at here? As I finally opened up on the blog about, I’ve been working on recovery lately. Honestly I think I’ve been doing really good. I’m eating consistently, 6-7 times per day. Choosing a mix between carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. And, no, I’m not counting broccoli as a carb. Been there, done that. While technically it is a carb if I’m serious about getting my health back I just can’t do that. The amount of broccoli I’d need to consume is probably not humanly possible.

Saw my primary doctor today, all was good until a minor freak out on her part with my weight being substantially lower than the last appointment (not saying how long ago on purpose here!) Anyways I’m xx and need to be xxx before I can even think about getting back into the gym. I’m A’OK with this. Remember, I’m short… so don’t go comparing.

I want my health. I want to feel good inside. I’ve damaged my body and it deserves love, care, and respect from here on out. Our bodies are machines and I’ve got to start looking at mine like one.

Lots of coffee has been consumed along with classes. If your on Instagram make sure to #coffeeaday to any jitter juice shots… Hollie will be proud 😉



Need my coffee. Really happy my stomach has been a bit more tolerable.


Polished off a jar of Trader Joe’s raw creamy unsalted almond butter. Noms.


Oh, what’s this? Dark chocolate pb cup… fear food. Yes getting in the calories. I may or may not have done this just to get over a new calorie hurdle. It worked. I don’t particularly think one should eat pb cups to reach calories, but once in a while it’s A’OK!!!! They were tasty, fyi. Go buy some. Justin’s is where it’s at.

So as you can see I’m working on it. It’s a process, a long process. I’m healing. I’m happier and I’m smiling, it’s a good feeling. I’ve got to work harder to gain my health back and I accepted this fact today with my doctor. I’m ready to beat this once and for all. I’m ready to win. Let’s do this. Do work.

Thank you all for your wonderful support, xo.

Ever tried Justin’s pb cups? Holy heck tasty right?

What is your current go to motivational quote/saying?


12 thoughts on “Work hard… And then, work harder.

  1. HELL YESSSSS to staying strong and beastin it out for your recovery. You, my friend, are one of the toughest and most inspirational people I’ve ever met! You’re gonna be back in the gym and back to healthy in no time with that awesome attitude 🙂 YOU ROCK!!!! 😀

    • Love you girl! Seriously thank you for the awesome support your always sending my way, means the world. Gah, keeping focus on the present but I have my sights set… kind of get all giddy inside lol! YOU ROCK.

      • YOU are the one that rocks! Seriously I wish you were my roommate– we’d have such a blast noshin, having dance parties, and lifting 😀 you’re one of my best bloggy friends EVA ❤

  2. I’m glad things are going well with your recovery. I understand being a shorty and having a two digit weight, too (I’m 5’0″). I’ve seen those Justin’s PB cups in Earth Fare but never had them, I know their nut butters are really, really good so I’m not surprised they have tasty candy too. And yay for starbucks and coffee! Hopefully your doc sees you are making progress and progress isn’t necessarily a number.

    • Ok, I’m glad you get the two-digit… so many people freak the freak out and while yes it’s not MY healthy weight it isn’t like HOLY CRAP either… Somewhere in the awkward in between phase. Yes doc was happy with my outlook thankfully but weigh in’s are now happening which honestly really isn’t a “bad” thing, just keeps me fighting. Lastly, Amy…. please go buy those pb cups you won’t be dissapointed!

    • LOL it can be obnoxious when people automatically assume “omg, your realllly tiny” it’s like no, your just almost a foot taller than me. Jimmity! Awh, thank you Allie!

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