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Hi all! In my last post I quickly went over my diagnosis for scapular dyskinesis impingement syndrome. For sake of everyone’s sanity let’s call it SDIS. Is this a legit medical acronym? I don’t think so. Do I care? No. I wanted to get back to you guys sooner but honestly it’s taken a bit to decide how I wanted to go about posting all this.

Let’s just say I’m extremely thankful for my family, friends, and all of your support right now. It truly means the world to me and I appreciate the support beyond what words can explain.

coffee w L

Coffee date with zee best.


Meet Lauren, who is probably going to hurt me for posting this. #sorryimnotsorry.

During my initial appointment with the sports doc, he did an evaluation of my symptoms. I was diagnosed with SDIS and snapping scapula on my left side. What this means is that during retraction and protraction of my shoulder blade there is a popping/grinding happening in the shoulder region. There is a bursa along the upper medial (towards the spine) portion of your shoulder blade. This bursa sits between the scapula bone and rib bones. Mine is inflamed all sorts of jacked up.

During the evaluation we went over how when I lift my arm above 90 degrees I get a shooting pain and numbness down my left arm going “through” my elbow and into my three middle fingers. This same sensation also shoots up my neck and midway up the backside of my head. Needless to say my doc didn’t feel too good about this. He referred me to another orthopedic who specializes in the spine within the practice who I was able to get in with the following day. An x-ray was done and the intervertebral discs of my c6 and c7 vertebrae are smaller (degenerative). Seeing I am 19 years old and this shouldn’t be the case an MRI was ordered. Let me just say neck MRI’s blow. I’ve had MRI’s, I’m sadly a pro at them… but this one… they placed my neck in this half circle which is then enclosed on the top by another half circle (aka my neck is surrounded by this thick metal band. Holy uncomfortable. Not to mention the machine was legit 2” from my face.) So, I did what seemed logical and took a nap. I kid you not.

I met with the spine orthopedic this past week to go over the MRI results. I have a cervical hemangioma in my c6 vertebra. This is all I know so far. I really do not know what to think, or expect. I was referred (it feels like a never ending process) to a Neurospine Insistute about an hour from my house. I meet with one of the Neurologists there this coming Wednesday morning. Basically they will review my MRI and give me a more detailed explanation, do another evaluation, and discuss going forward. This week I will also be getting a EMG test done because during the eval a weakness in my left tricep and finger extensors leads my doctor to believe there is a potential nerve issue.

Again, I do not know what to think. I am just trying to smile, keep focused on school and recovery, and not over think.

Because this isn’t enough (insert sarcasm here) my stomach has been flaring up too. This is a topic for another post because I’d rather not make this one here a mile long. But, long story short I met with my gastroenterologist in Boston yesterday and we’ve concluded that my recovery is causing a flare in my GI. Which, insert a TON of sarcasm totally helps my recovery go smoothly. I mean physical problem + mental problem that completely contradict each other = smooth sailing right? Wrong. Right now, I’m just working to keep on keeping on. In the end that’s all any of us can do.

I’m glad my stomach seems somewhat tolerable to almond butter though because I really do have an obsession.

justins vanilla

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter. I got this yesterday at Whole Food’s after my GI doctor appointment! YUM. Seriously, so good. Buy this. You won’t regret it.

Again, thank you all for your amazing support and kind words. I will keep doing updates as I learn more information! Make sure to stop on by this Monday for the final post to October Yoga Challenge!


Have you tried Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter, or any of the Justin’s products?

Coffee dates, yay or nay?

What is one method you use to “keep on keeping on”?


9 thoughts on “Keep on keeping on

  1. So sorry to hear about your MRI and shoulder issues :(. Glad you got a good nut butter though, it’s amazing how little things can make us feel better. I tried a Halloween Clif bar and it was so tasty, kinda perked me up the other day. Keep us posted, and I hope you can keep up the yoga too!

    • You’re totally right on with saying “it’s amazing how little things can make us feel better”. This is so true and I’ll be honest, I’m glad I’ve got the Justin’s 😉 I saw the Halloween Clif bars, they sound good I’m glad that you enjoyed Amy!

  2. Uggh bummer about all the mri and shoulder issues 😦 Hopefully life will throw you a break soon, you’ve been put through SO much! BUT in the mean time, keep your chin up and keep on noshin some o’ that amazing Justin’s (I swear that stuff can cure anything haha!!)
    Love ya girl, you’re the best! 🙂

    • Thank you Alex! Still meaning to send that email to you…. guess we both know what I’m doing right after I type this up 😉 But, really… I totally appreciate your support and kind heart!

  3. Stomach problems are so rough because the way your stomach feels can totally effect your whole body and your mood, you know? I def know how you feel! I’m also sorry about your shoulder and MRI results. I know you can get through this and come out strong on the other side! Keep on keeping on ❤

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