Last week of October Yoga

Hey hey! I can’t believe that October Yoga Challenge is done (technically tomorrow, but…) I apologize for not getting this post up yesterday as Monday is my “check in” day, can’t I blame Sandy?! Reading and commenting on blogs from my phone isn’t too bad, however typing up a post is a different story.


Without further ado let’s get this weeks update underway! If you recall from last week I wanted to check this out. I sure did, and really enjoyed this one routine. I found it to be pretty grounding and relaxing. I felt so good afterwards, but will admit I did modify a bit with some one the one legged stuff. This is what I love about yoga, the ability to always modify when needed. It isn’t about perfection, it’s about practice and consistency. It is about inner peace, healing, strength, and health. It’s totally different than what I am used to and I like that. Yoga gets me outside my comfort zone. And you all know the saying. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch.

At the beginning of the month I had set the following goals:

  • 20 minutes minimum 4 times a week
  • 20 minutes will cover the basics for back/pelvic
  • Try to fit in some group yoga classes

I hit the first two. I want to say I hit the third one too by counting the video above as a group class. Even though it technically isn’t a group class the only reason I didn’t go to a legit class was because I’m purposely staying away from the gym. It isn’t good for me right now. I’ve been to them before and I tend to compare myself. SO I’m calling halves on this one. My health is more important than going to a group class.

One interesting tidbit I learned was where child’s pose gets its name from… the spine is in the position that forms the primary curve infants have before birth. Thank you, Andrea, for this tidbit!

This challenge been good mentally, too. Getting in 20 minutes to myself a day is helpful to re-focus.



These past few days my mind just won’t seem to shut off. I’m being bombarded with some strong ED thoughts. But, you know what? I’m not giving in. I’m not listening. They are wrong. They do not make me stronger, instead only weaker. I stay strong by not listening to them. I stay strong by holding onto what I want the most.

If you’re into yoga… what format do you prefer? (solo, online video, group class, ect?)

Do you map out time in your day to re-focus your mind and just relax?


2 thoughts on “Last week of October Yoga

  1. keep fighting those thoughts. honestly I think the eb and flow is something that everyone has to deal with, remember the harder times to get through the easier ones and vice versa. Know I am always here, you got this

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