November goals

I had to do it. I saw on Instagram that Taylor and Alexandra posted their November goals and that Vmfitness is hosting a photo challenge. Obviously I was immediately stoked for this! Such a fun way to appreciate the little things and also keep up new and fresh topics for blogging!


#1 is most important, but I am also aware that it is going to take time. A lot of time. The word health is very general and I want to get down to specifics. I’m a firm believer that our bodies are very smart and run as one. If there is one thing out of whack, then the result is sub-par functioning throughout the rest of the body. It’s no secret I’ve got some medical issues. I am going to keep trying new things and be very brutally honest with myself of what is working/what isn’t working so that hopefully someday soon, I can honestly feel good. Plus, getting some solid answers would be nice too. Without our health, we have nothing.


This is getting real old, real fast.

#4. Durrr. 😉

#5 I have found that this past month I’ve been spending more time out and about. I’ve been pushing myself to always be doing something, never a dull moment at home. However, this isn’t working. I enjoy my alone time. By no means am I saying I’m a loner, I just need quite Sarah time to keep sane. I’m not into partying or really even day long outings. I like coffee dates, quick shopping trips, and perhaps a dinner with a friend here and there. I’m not good at going out daily. I freak out, I worry, I over-think, and my anxiety summits through the roof. It’s bad. I’m just naturally a hermit. Or mostly hermit. I love my friends, but I get awkward.


Just to keep the food porn going. Nanner time.


Are you in the the #vmnpad November photo challenge?

What is your favorite pre-bed snackage?

Do you like going out daily or are you more of a hermit?


4 thoughts on “November goals

  1. You’ve got some great goals! I’m a total hermit too. I wouldn’t leave my house if I didn’t have to :p. I think moderate hermit-ness is okay as long as one isn’t avoiding life, you know?

  2. LOVE IT AND LOVE YOU!!!! These goals got nothin on you, this is your month and your time to shine! 🙂
    It’s weird, I think with every single post/text I read from you, I’m more convinced we were separated at birth. For real, we are soul sistas! haha

  3. I hope you continue to work towards your health, I love how the goal is to gain health back. That is always the best way to put it because without our health we are nothing. Responding to your email now….

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