A balancing act

Hi guys! Today has been good, like real good. You know when you wake up absolutely stoked on life and ready to go? Yeah, one of those days. I was worried this morning though, my nerves were shooting through the roof, and stomach all knotted up. I was worried because I had a long day ahead of me and I wanted to continue to feel as good as I felt. Then it hit me. WHY am I wasting my time worrying about staying positive? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Yes. Yes, it does.

When I first began the long process of fixing my problems, my number one goal was balance. I told everyone I just want balance in my life. I told my parents, my therapist, my doctor, my friends, and myself. Numerous times. I wanted to believe it. I wanted to believe it was possible.

unplanned snackage

After all, unplanned snacks are always nice.

The thing about setting a goal as vague as balance though, is that everyone has a different definition. What might be balance for me could be something totally different for you.

For ME, balance is health. Balance is happiness. Balance is having good days, and bad days, but accepting them both and moving on. Balance is not obsessing or worrying. It’s being able to do something totally unplanned and out of character. Balance is taking each day, each moment, as they come. Balance is sanity.

At first I found that I was obsessing over creating balance. I wanted so bad for it to be real life that I constantly was trying to make sure everything I did, every move I made was that to ensure I’d be living a balanced life. Sorry Sarah, but that aint’ going to help you reach your goal. By living life in constant worry over achieving something is just creating more problems. It takes away your focus, and not to mention is extremely mentally and physically taxing. By trying to reach my goal I was actually setting myself further away from it.


Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s just life 😉

I have found rather than obsessing to create a balanced life, to instead just live one. Now that’s an interesting concept. Let’s discuss, shall we? If I have my definition of balance and I know what it is that I am hoping to achieve by reaching that goal… then why not just start implementing? I needed to stop over-thinking the process. Yes, some days are more “balanced” than others, but isn’t that just part of the process? I can’t be perfect. I’m not perfect, nor do I claim to be. Admitting to myself that I tend to freak out over the small stuff and obsessively control everything was one of the biggest steps I’ve made. Now I’m just living. Living day in and day out, trying to maintain a sense of sanity but also just going with the flow. What happens happens. Some stuff is just out of my control.


Have you ever been thrown off balance by trying to create it in the first place?

Do you believe in goal setting?

Go-to unplanned snack? (I’m totally a fan of fruit cups, or almond butter, by the spoonful…)


3 thoughts on “A balancing act

  1. wow I totally get this, like I kept shaking my head in agreement with this. it is hard because in most unhealthy times I thought I was seeking balance but looking back, I was not. I was trying too hard to be that definition of healthy which was not healthy for me. I challenge you to define balance for what it truly is, for what your body wants and your mind needs.

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. I needed this so bad today, totally one of the best posts you’ve ever written girl. I can relate so so much to what you said about craving that balance initially during recovery. I think our lives were just so unstable during that time that we wanted ANY kind of control/balance/equilibrium. Trying so hard to get to balance kinda forces you in the opposite direction, and like you said, defeats the whole purpose. I like your attitude of just LIVING and ENJOYING life, relinquishing control and just rollin with the punches. Even if it isn’t the perfect balance, our lives are pretty darn awesome. 🙂
    Life is SO short and precious, so we might as well eat that extra scoop of ice cream and bust outta our comfort zones, eh? 🙂
    Oh and favorite impulse snack hmmm I think I gotta agree with you– nut butta by the spoonful just can’t be beat!!!!

  3. I totally agree with you on this. I can get really down on myself when I have a bad day … but I have to remember that not every day in my life will be perfect (duh Allie). When I think about how blessed I am, I stop worrying and learn to enjoy life.

    Favorite unplanned snack: Muffins 😀

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