Wait… my liver is normal?

Hi you! Yes, you. You there reading this post off your computer/iPad/iPhone screen. (Whatever piece of technological equipment happens to be your fancy.) I want to say thank you. Thank you for your support checking out my blog, helping me on my journey, and very importantly on my last post. Every comment and email received I took to heart.

Medical issues are tough. They aren’t fun, they aren’t glamorous, they downright blow. Buuuut, they make you stronger. I am strong and it’s taken a lot for me to be able to confidently say that. I’m strong and constantly getting stronger. I can get through this. It could be worse, and I always tell myself that.

In my update I let you guys in on all the medical stuff going on. I just had a liver biopsy done to confirm or trash the idea of autoimmune hepatitis considering my liver enzymes, and specific antibodies are high. All of my doctors were pretty much set on it coming back damaged/inflamed. Well, it’s normal. Yeah. Just throwing another wrench into my already complex medical record. Every blood test and symptom points to hepatitis, but then the liver biopsy comes back normal. Don’t get me wrong, this is awesome. I’m soooo happy and thankful my liver is not inflamed. Does the testing match the biopsy results… not one bit… but this isn’t being questioned in depth right now, just keeping tabs on it.

I met with my gastro Wednesday morning – he doesn’t think whatever is going on is caused by my GI tract. Basically… even though my labs point liver, and my “worst” symptoms are GI related my gastro thinks this is all secondary. Whatever the actual issues happens to be seems to have a tendency to cause all I’m experiencing. He also said that my eating disorder can’t be blamed for this. Hallelujah I didn’t do this to myself. Hearing this felt like both a roadblock and a milestone. I have taken so much time with doctors looking at my GI tract, absolutely convinced that is where the problem lie, but it doesn’t. My GI symptoms can’t be explained by a physical problem. At the same time hearing this was good because it allow me to fully check off any concerns with my GI and look at this all with an entirely different perspective. It gives my rheuma and pcp some solid work to move on off from.

Insert rheumatologist appointment yesterday morning (yes, my current life is seriously doctors, work, and as Meg mentioned.. some gym time… more to come). I have been given the diagnosis of lupus unless otherwise proven. It does account for most of my symptoms but not all. I’m a “complex” case as my doctors say. Add in auto-immune diseases running in the family, my blood work, and eating disorder history, and my medical history… you’ve got yourself one big mess. We’re sorting it out, it feels good, like everyone’s on the right path for once.

A few more blood tests have been ordered, I have to see a second rheumatologist in Boston to confirm the diagnosis (one who deals with these more complex cases). Honestly, at this point, I’m just so unbelievably thankful for my parents, friends, you all, and last but certainty not least my access to health insurance.

I’ll keep these updates coming but also I’m planning on doing some more posts on training/mobility/life/ed recovery. More, much much more to come. 🙂


Lastly, if anybody ever needs support on recovery or medical shiz feel free to email me anytime at doworkndestroy (at) gmail (dot) com. I got your back.

Happy Friday to y’all! ♥


8 thoughts on “Wait… my liver is normal?

  1. holy goodness. also I had no idea you have been in boston, why did we freaking not meet up? oh man that makes me sad. keep me updated, I am happy to hear it is a physical treatable problem… dont know what that treatment is but maybe it isn’t too bad

  2. Yay for access to medical insurance! It’s a lifesaver… literally haha. I’m sorry about all of these medical issues, but I know you’ll find an answer soon!! I know this because you take good care of youself and your strong.

    Also, YAY FOR WORKING OUT AGAIN! I bet you’re so happy!!! 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you can work out again! With all the doctors appointments, at least there’s some normalcy there. Plus I’m glad the doctors are figuring out some treatments, and Allie is so right about insurance, it really is a lifesaver. I still have to pay a lot for treatments and appointments but when I see the original prices I am super thankful for it!

    • Eeeeek yay.. gym!!! 😉 Oh seriously, it still costs a lot just with co-payments/deductables but when the bill comes and I see what insurance knocked off I’m like “holy crap thank youuuu”.

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