All sorts of awesome changes

Hey y’all! Happy hump Wednesday 🙂


All sorts of ridiculous.

Today is a keeper. Heck everyday is a keeper. But today, today is a big keeper. I’m loving it. Living it up and enjoying every second. Especially the the two naps I took. What? girl like’s her beauty sleep (can’t you tell from the above picture?!) I kid, I kid. Nah let’s not talk about how tired I’ve been lately. #medicalproblems. Whatever it gives me an excuse to take naps, drink tea, and drink even more coffee.

If you didn’t notice I am doing some “construction” around these parts of the blog world. New theme baby! AAAAAND a new header 🙂 I dig it, dig it big. I’m working on a new page that I shall title my story. More to come on this! I’m so excited! Getting lots of work done, big things to come!

Life has been going good, don’t get me wrong I’ve still got a ton of medical crap and I have my days but you know what… I’m sick of being sick. I’m sick and tired of living my life sub-par. I’m sick of waiting for my shots. I’m making this my time. #sorryimnotsorry. This is my time. This is YOUR time. C’mon people reach for the starts, set your sights, and go after your dreams.

Sleep well loves!


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