What goes on in a week of Sarah

Hey there!

Today I’m deciding to swap things up a bit and step down from my motivational stand. Although I love being all YAAAA, YOU CAN DO IT… I’m keeping it all serious today.

I find that one topic I always find interesting when reading other blogs is learning about the person behind the writing. I mean bloggers typically have an “about me” section, which I do, but even beyond that. For instance, what the person does to occupy their time besides their job, school, ect. What goes on ‘behind the scenes’. That sounds dirty. Whooooops. Get ya mind out of the gutter.


My week typically looks something like this-

Monday – babysit until around 8am, strength session, class 12:30-5 (note: I live an hour away from school so I’m gone 11-6ish) , homework/down time

Tuesday – babysit, strength session/crossfit, weekly chiropractor visit, work 4-8 (roughly a half hour drive each way… good ol’ NH livin in no where’s ville)

Wednesday – therapist (oh did I mention this is also about a good half hour drive… are you picking up a pattern? ;)), class 12:30-5, seminar 6-7

Thursday – babysit, crossfit, doctor[S] (lately these have been down in Boston so about an hour away…. good ol’ specialists…), work 4-8

Friday – babysit, work 10-4, strength session

Saturday – open gym @ crossfit or solo strength session, homework/errands!

Sunday – work 8-6

Every.single.night I do about 20-30 minutes of yoga and SMR release plus I’ll hit any super tight areas such as hip flexors, brachial plexus (shoulder nerve root), ankles, ect! Also lately I’ve been having to take 1-2 naps per day (sometimes 3!) just being so darn fatigued from all the medical stuff going on. I would update y’all but honestly were still figuring it out…

My pcp says it’s rheumatology, my gasto says rheumatology, but then the rheumatologist says liver… fail. Their trying and that’s really all I can ask for. I’m just so thankful I was able to make the beginning of this semester a light load so I’m able to rest a bit and try to get my body working semi-optimally again. Come March 19th I’ll be adding in two more classes but for now the above is my typical week!


24 hours of work. Two classes. 4 days of babysitting. 4-5 gym sessions (although I want it to be like 4-5 hundred…). Some doctors, again super thankful for health insurance, I literally cannot say this enough. Lots of yoga/muscle releasing. LOTS of driving.

That’s my life. Welcome to a “week in the life” of Sarah. It’s boring, but it does the trick 😉


10 thoughts on “What goes on in a week of Sarah

    • SOOO busy! It’s good (I think), I mean at this point I don’t know any other way that if I actually had down time I might just lose my mind. I miss you lady, and your blogging! It’s good to hear from you and I’m excited to catch up!

  1. You are a super busy girly but I’m glad you keep up with it, it’s really inspiring that you find time to get to the gym and do CrossFit with all the work, school, and doctor’s appointments. I have to drive a lot living where I live too so I understand your pain, my doctor is also like 1/2 hour away but fortunately I don’t have to go much! And I’m super grateful to work from home because everyone here has like 1/2 hour to an hour commute :).

    You are super dedicated to your stretching and yoga routine. That is just so awesome.

    • I’ve got no choice other than to keep going (atleast that’s how I see it)! I think it’s just that I know I need an education (school), money (work/babysitting), my health (docs, therapist, ect) and my passion (training) so I make it work 🙂 Driving definitely is the worst part, so we can be in pain together!! I’m a bit jealous that you get to work from home – one day, one day!

      Thanks lady! 🙂

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