Just who are you?

I have these strange bursts of motivational insight throughout my days, most commonly at night. This one happened a while back and I posted this on my facebook account. This thought meant a lot to me so I wrote it in my journal and flipping through the past pages I saw it again and wanted to share with all of you.

A glimpse into my mind.

—Day by day things become clearer. You start to learn what it is that you really want. You begin to work towards those things. You realize people either really matter or don’t matter; you learn who is important to you. You let go, not always because you want to but sometimes because you have to. You come to terms with your limits. Those limits are what give you the motivation to keep going because you want to break them. You are going to break them. Most importantly, you begin to find yourself. Nothing else matters anymore.—


This journal, is my favorite. Thanks, Lauren ♥

Every day I’m finding new things about myself. New passions, things that make me tick, things I need to work on, inspirations, goals, ect. I am defining my core values. I am creating the life that is important to me. I am surrounding myself with those who I love and who love me just as much, because quite honestly life isn’t worth trying to impress people who don’t care about you.

I’ve had to let go of some things that I thought would forever be a part of my life. Things that at one point I was convinced were the core of my being. Circumstances change, and I’ve had to deal with that and accept.

I’ve had to accept my limits, but also not let them define me. I might have limits but I am fully convinced I will break them. Sure it’s going to require hard work, dedication, and trust in myself – but breaking my limits is worth it to me.

Next post – all about limitations in life and how we react to them. Get ready people, it’s time to bust out of your shell.


7 thoughts on “Just who are you?

    • Hearing those words from you… it means more to me than you will ever know. I love you. I can never thank you enough for all the support and guidance you have given me.

  1. I am in love with this post. I was especially tugged by the letting go part. Letting go of people, letting go of items, letting go of jobs..all of it is something I struggle with, but it’s part of life!! You put it beautifully.

    • I’m glad that this got to you on a positive level and you were able to directly relate it to your own life. Thanks for commenting and supporting girl 🙂

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