Hey all! If you read it and remember, in my last post I promised that I’d be talking soon about limitations. Limitations as in what they are, how we perceive them, changing our outlook, and taking action.

In life we hit roadblocks and with that there are usually only two options: 1) give up or 2) break them if possible or stop, re-evaluate, and then continue on strong. In some situations it isn’t as easy to just push right through and re-evaluation of our goals and efforts is key.

As I said in my last post… I’ve had to let go of some things that I thought would forever be a part of my life. Things that at one point I was convinced were the core of my being. Circumstances change, and I’ve had to deal with that and accept.

It is no secret that I have dealt with an eating disorder for years. At some points I thought it would always be a major part of my life, and while it will forever be something I dealt with, and continue to have to keep tabs on, it no longer defines me as a person.

There are also people, friends, who I thought would forever be with me. Along for the ride. I was wrong. People do change, interests change, views change.

The hardest thing for me to accept has been that my health (while it could be A LOT worse) is far from optimal. This has caused a lot of mental turmoil for me over the past year and certain days it still does get overwhelming. Due to this my goals on competing have been temporarily placed on the back burner, my training is no where near where I’d like it, my social life is pretty much non-existent, my course load is easy-peasy, and I’m living at home with school because living in a dorm environment would trigger my health in a downward spiral.

As I said, this could be worse. But, for me, I’m not used to it being as bad as it is so personally it’s a lot to deal with. Obviously I’m keeping focused, striving for better health, and so very thankful for what my body CAN do.

For now, it’s just a limitation I’m having to accept and deal with. One day in the (hopefully near) future I’ll be able to say yeah I dealt with this and yeah I busted through it.


Fight your current limits, break through them, and keep going strong.


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