Hobbies and life

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post, and I’m really trying this year to blog more often so here we go. I hope your ready and along for the ride! Today I want to talk about my hobbies, some updates, and just life in general.


In a recent conversation with a close friend the topic of hobbies came up. She asked me what I enjoy doing outside of the gym. My response was something like this “well, uh, I like reading, blogging, and uhm yoga." Face palm. This bothered me and for a while I couldn’t develop a clear reason as to why. I mean I have close friends, this blog, family whom I love, and I keep busy with school and work.

I am not living my life to my fullest ability. I am not living with passion.

I want to explore new ideas, and new concepts. I want to break out of my current bubble and enter new and uncomfortable social realms. I want to live my life with passion each day versus just going though the motions. I’m actually extremely interested in meditation, art, and photography. Have I ever explored any of these? No. Why? I feel uncomfortable, and quite honestly my brain is usually way to exhausted to even consider. I want to change that.

My current life needs some change.

I’m going through the motions these days. I’m losing interest, passion, and hope. Yes, hope. I’m being more and more bombarded with Ed thoughts and sorry I’m not sorry but I’m determined to never to back to where I was last fall and even relapses before that. I’m still early in recovery so I know I’m going to slip a bit, but that doesn’t make it ok, and that doesn’t mean I need or will relapse. I won’t. I want to live for me, Sarah. I want to fill my life with passion, hope, love, and laughter.

After all, life is a beautiful thing.

This past week has been full of some tough decisions, which I’m going to discuss in my next post but trust me they are good ones Smile 

Lately it’s been the typical routine of school, babysitting, work, homework, lifting, yoga, and doctors. Although the doctors are becoming less and less (not because I’m feeling better, but because I’m sick and tired of getting the “well, you definitely have something going on, but… you did have a pretty bad eating disorder.” Face palm #2. It is what it is. As much as I hate to say I’m learning to live with feeling like crap-ola, I’m saying it. Unless I want to go fully insane with doctors and testing and lose all the last bits of hope I still am hanging onto, I’m learning to live with it. Right now, this is ok with me. It could be worse and I’m very aware and thankful for that.

I’m thankful for what my body can do.

Next week is spring break and you can be damn sure it’ll be filled with exploring, re-lighting my inner fire, coffee dates, and well work. Hopefully some sleep too Winking smile


8 thoughts on “Hobbies and life

    • It really is such a face palm. I kept re-reading this after I posted it and thought to myself, geesh why didn’t I come up with this YEARS ago. I’m glad you were able to take this to heart 🙂

  1. *hugs*. Really good point in your post, but I’m glad you realize that and can make changes. Yeah, I agree… “life” gets clouded by things like ED or a chronic condition. You find you’re just surviving each day rather than really living and enjoying life, and it’s no way to experience life. Not that running, blogging, and yoga can’t be hobbies- they’re great hobbies, but shouldn’t be it, you know?

    • xoxo – I know I am capable of change, it is the doing part that frightens the heck out of me. Sure, I’m excited but also terrified. Life does totally get clouded by ED/medical issues, you’re so correct. That isn’t life. That isn’t living. I agree running, blogging, yoga, lifting… all great hobbies and passions – however I hate to make my entire life consumed with fitness/fitness related things, so again I agree they shouldn’t be my ONLY hobbies! 🙂 What do you enjoy outside of running, blogging?

  2. Aww, good thing you have spring break coming up! I just had mine and I was def feeling a bit like you are now. I was feeling “stale” and just worn down with the things I usually enjoy. Hopefully the extra time will inspire you!

    • Spring break is the bomb. I’m feeling so much more refreshed now and happier about life in general (here’s to hoping it sticks around for the both of us)!

  3. wow, I just relate to …everything. Only i’m 31 and have MESSED up my life bigtime.
    I relate to so much of what you say
    – tired of doctors (why bother anymore)
    – tired of doing things of routine and habit …but are they really my dreams and are they going to take me to my dreams (NO)
    – tired of the “ibs” (i Do not know what to eat anymore 😦 PLEASE email me and let me know if anythning works for u)
    – I don’t even work out anymore other than SLOW walks and pathetitc attempts at pushups, etc…I want a “plan” and a “cleanse” for my abused body….BUT don’t know how or what and am fed up with this…I need to FOCUS and ORGANIZE My goals and LIFE…but its like my brain is just too…tired ? If that makes sense. Email anytime. If youv’e any tips (esp. re food…) let me know…I’m just “stuck” 😦

    • First off, thank you for your comment and good feedback! I really love when readers take time to relate and comment with their own experiences.

      I think that what it mainly comes down to is doing what is best for YOU, Jill. Look at yourself in the core of your being and ask if what your doing on the day to day is working for you. If not, why? What about it can you change, what has to be semi-permanent (i.e a job, ect just to keep stable). Find the thing that NEED to change and change them. No it isn’t easy but it’s soooo worth it, trust me. I know this all sounds easy and maybe slightly corny but trust me.

      For the IBS this is something that is individual to everyone. For me I have found that through trial and error (or elimination and re-introduction if you prefer that term better) works the best. Try to take out 1-2 foods you think may be causing some issues, keep them out for ~2 weeks and note how you feel, slowly add back in and see if there is a difference (positive or negative). It takes time to find what works for your body, but that’s just it, it’s your body nobody can tell you what you can and can not eat.

      You can do this, focus my friend, focus! 🙂 I’m here for you.

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