March favorites

Thank you everyone for your support and kind words in regards to my last post. I continue to be astonished by how supportive the blogging community is, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’m a big fan of March, but an even bigger fan of April. This stems one-hundred percent from the fact I live in Northern New England, and it’s freezing about 97.6% of the time. Yes, that is the exact percent of the time. March is the month where it starts to warm up a bit, but there are still some flurries massive storms of snow. I like it because I know that Spring is here and it can only get warmer 🙂 Pretty sure a move to the West coast is in my future.

Before we get to far into the new month I wanted to recap some of my March favorites. I’ve seen a bunch of other bloggers do the monthly favorites and it’s a great idea!


I jumped aboard the Alex and Ani bandwagon. Buddha for the win. For me the Buddha represents mindfulness and acceptance of self.

-Badger Balm Lime Rocket. This stuff tastes like crack. Ok maybe not crack, how about a green skittle. That’s better and more appropriate. I kid you not.

The Fire Starter Sessions. Buy this book. Well buy it if you’re a fan of unlimited motivation to get your ass in gear and get going on what you truly desire to do in and with your life.

choco expresso

Endangered Species 72% dark chocolate with espresso. The bomb, enough said.

– Burt’s Bees Cocoa & Cupuacu butter lotion. Hand’s down the best lotion. I’m onto my third bottle this year, not because it doesn’t last but because I put it on more or less my entire body daily.


Vera Bradley wallet – I had needed a bigger wallet because I was walking around shoving endless amounts of pennies, some bills (about $2… college problems), and notes into a tiny little wristlet. Needless to say, said wristlet kicked it. I love the elephant on this one too ♥

essie green

Essie’s Pretty Edgy. Obviously for St.Patrick’s day. I feel like my fingers look really strange in the above photo… around my knuckles… hmm.

Mobility WOD. K Star is amazing and his tips to release tight areas are remarkable. This girl has some pretty bad hip flexors and scapula issues, both of which have improved since following this man’s site.

– Green Mountain Coffee Colombian fair trade k-cups. I’m usually a darker roast girl but this stuff does the trick. Pair it with some almond milk and you’ve got yourself a nice morning pick-up.

photo 3

Artisana Coconut Butter. I have had this stuff before but forgot how absolutely delicious it is. Welcome back to my life. Mmm fat.


Please share with me some of your March favorites and anything that you hope to try in the upcoming month! I love to hear about what others are into and also seeing what we are on the same terms with.

Happy Thursday loves!


10 thoughts on “March favorites

  1. MMM that chocolate and coconut butter..YUM! I am so jazzed it’s April time, spring is so pretty!! I love the birds and blossoming trees this year. I didn’t seem to notice it in past years like I am this year!

    • So tasty, major noms! Ahh I know right, I feel like this is the first year I’ve been completely more aware of my surroundings so I’m glad we are in the same position. 🙂 Enjoy this beautiful day, hope the sun is shining for you.

  2. We haven’t tried our Endangered Species chocolate yet but if Clay doesn’t hurry up and eat it, I may bust into it. After all I was the Easter Bunny this year.

    I had a wild blueberry k-cup yesterday, I thought I would hate it but it turned out to be absolutely delicious! It didn’t even need creamer or anything. I like the Barista Prima ones a lot because I’m a dark roast girly too. And of course Vera Bradley is always awesome, all my stuff is the older patterns because I haven’t bought anything new lately.

    • Have you tried it yet?! Seeing this reply is about 6 days late….

      Omg I went and bought the blueberry ones after reading this and they are amazing. Loved it with almond milk! Haha Vera Bradley is always awesome – all the prints, new AND old 🙂

  3. Yes to April! SO exciting to realize that the weather is going to shape up soon. Hallelujah praise God!!! I need to try that chocolate with espresso beans. I just recently heard dark chocolate is lactose free. SCORE.

    • Ah so excited for this month and the upcoming weather! Yippie! Haha I love that you bought this chocolate and posted a picture to my facebook wall ♥

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