Being committed to recovery means that–

Lately I’ve been trying to find motivators in my everyday life that keep me pushing towards a full remission. I want to recover, I need to recover. My body cannot handle this abuse anymore which both scares me and pushes me to keep going, to keep fighting. I’ve put together a list on what being committed to recovery looks like to me. I hope that this list will help at least one person reading this to keep fighting [whether it be an Ed or another struggle].

  • When all I want to do is [insert negative behavior], I’ll choose a nutritious meal instead.
  • I will allow my body adequate sleep and find a way to fit in naps when need be accepting that my body needs the rest to re-built itself.
  • Even though I may not always want to be honest, I will be 100% honest with my team and supports.
  • I will place my health and wellbeing first.
  • Even though I have a burning urge to get back in the gym asap so that I can train to compete – I won’t.
  • I will only train and compete when both my body and mind are stable and can handle that stress.
  • Remember to always ask for help when needed, it isn’t a sign of weakness rather a sign of strength. To know that you need help shows strength and courage. It’s hard, but it’s something everyone needs at some point or another in life.
  • I will do everything in my power to take care of my body in terms of both physical and mental health.
        • Keep going to my IOP program
        • Follow the above steps
        • Ice/foam roll [still have a few lingering problems from past training]
        • See a dietician
        • Stretch/do yoga
        • practice mindfulness
        • Accept my current limits, as much as I hate them they are here for a reason
        • Journal
        • Spend time with friends and family, keeping those relationships strong and continuing to grow them



These are the things that are important to me currently in my journey. Above all it is remembering that everybody has something and that everybody is worth it. I’ll be honest, I still don’t believe I’m worth it everyday but I’m trying and trying counts for something. It comes down to trusting yourself in the end, trusting your ability to over-come and to succeed. It doesn’t matter if there is a clear path or not but just trying that your capable to get through and end up thriving.

Don’t settle for existing, shoot to thrive.



4 thoughts on “Being committed to recovery means that–

  1. YES YES YES. do more than just exist. I have to say the hardest thing for me in recovery was a. to be honest and open with my team, that means everything. every thought I had, every burning desire ever slip up. All had to be told to them. The other one was not working out. I needed that solid 4+ months of letting my body heal.

    You are doing the best thing. I wish i could hug you through this. Hand hug.

    • I hear you on that being the biggest difficulty. Honesty is hard work, even the thought of being 100% honest with a team sometimes can be completely overwhelming. It still blows my mind of how much time, rest, and fuel our bodies actually need to recover and then keep going strong.

      xoxo. Hand hug 😉

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