WIAW: the first

This week I decided to jump on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon. It sounded like a good idea. Who doesn’t love food porn? Who doesn’t like to see what other people are eating and find new things to try out? I know I’m completely guilty of all the above.

Today’s post is more of a What I Ate favorites edition, I figured it’d be a nice way to kick off for the weeks to come. Plus you all can see what I’m slightly obsessed with. Although I’m pretty sure we already know both coffee and almond butter hit that list. Oh they hit that list with quite the bang.


Thank you, Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for hosting Smile



Eggs and zucchini scrambled in coconut oil. Chicken sausage.



I really do love them.

Coffee tea.


Full plate lunches and dinners. All about the full plates over here. [excuse the recycled picture… it just looks so darn tasty.]


More eggs, greens, broccoli, sweet potato, and my beloved coconut butter. The bomb I tell you.

Even some full Pyrex containers for good measure. AKA I was at work


Sweet potato mashed with coconut oil, spinach which ended up being steamed spinach…, and chicken sausage. Plus a Lulu bag hanging out in the back for #lululunches Winking smile

… And now I’m hungry and wanting berries plus coconut butter. Or almond butter. Yeah, that sounds good. Hmmm the possibilities.

Eggs for lunch?

Ever tried passion tea?

Do you participate in weekly WIAW posts?


8 thoughts on “WIAW: the first

  1. I don’t participate in What I Ate Wednesday because well… I eat about the same thing every day and it’s not pretty. Cereal, and it’s not organic, fancy, Whole Foods cereal… but frosted mini wheats or kashi. LOL. Lots of fruit… yogurt… I dunno, I just never felt like the linkup was for me because I don’t eat interesting stuff.

    All your food looks good. I love sweet potatoes too… and of course coffee! Looks like you eat pretty paleo-ish which is cool considering your goals and being more into weights than running.

    • I also eat the same things day in and day out (swapping up coconut butter for almond butter, or chicken for beef, ect) but I still figured I’m going to at least give this a go 🙂 By the way… who really cares if your cereal isn’t of the organic/fancy/whole foods variety… if someone cares, that’s their problem, I think all that is important is you enjoy it. Speaking of cereal, mini wheat’s were my childhood fav.

      Oh the coffee. Totally follow a paleo approach, including some dairy (in said coffee), whey protein, ketchup, and a few others. Oddly I found all previous races to be better performance wise eating this way.

    • Whole 30 is definitely tough when first starting! During my first few weeks of a paleo approach I had no clue what to eat! I’d be happy to inspire some ideas 🙂

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