I drank the CF kool aid

I finally succumbed to the pressure that is CrossFit. A while back I had joined for a short time and ended my membership due to school being my priority at the time. Also, this was while I was deep in my disorder. AKA double whammy negative sh*t storm.

I joined the same affiliate again for the second round and am loving it. I can officially say I drank the CrossFit kool aid. First off I’d like to comment on how ridiculous that phase sounds. Ridiculous but I kind of like it. You know what else I kind of like? The Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea that I’m currently drinking. Mmm. Anyways, did I say I have ADD? No seriously. Truth.


The main thing I’m loving about the gym I belong to is the programming. My coach and I discussed injuries (past/still lingering – more to come), medical, and goals. We decided that I will do the strength portion of each workout and then swap out conditioning for either an additional strength or mobility depending on how I’m feeling. For example yesterdays workout was…


  • Warm up/mobility
  • Bulgarian split squat: warm up sets and then 3×6 work sets
  • Nixed conditioning and instead did 3×6 romanian deadlifts
  • Ended the workout with 10 breaths in a deep squat and some foam rolling


All this strength stuff is my “specialty”. I’ve always found that I really enjoy lifting and would love to compete one day in powerlifting, note I say one day making sure not too soon into my recovery process. I realize that I can’t do much more than ponder the ideas of competition at this point with only being a few months into recovery and weight restoration. It’s a risky slope, and one I’m not willing to fall back down.

My relationship with exercise is one I struggle with because it is such a passion for me but also I can’t ignore the fact that I’ve also gone to the obsessive side of things. There has already been a lot of work done around this topic and I do hope to both share more on this blog and look into it more for my own knowledge. As I noted in my manifesto, which by the way has it’s own page now… I think it’s really important to keep evolving as a person, which is exactly what I intend to do.


Have you tried CrossFit?

Strength work or conditioning? Or, both?



12 thoughts on “I drank the CF kool aid

  1. I’m glad you have a supportive coach/programming director who’s willing to make swaps and adjustments for you with the workouts and that you’re enjoying it and not trying to compete or anything just yet. I’m not a CrossFit girl but it seems like they have a close knit community which is definitely a good thing 🙂

    • It’s such a close community – which was one of the main points in getting me to join! Thank you lady 🙂 And you might not be a crossfit girl but you know what you do like and that’s what really matters!

  2. I took some time off of CrossFit, well going to a box anyway, because of the expense and school. I also wasn’t taking care of my body and going too hard with the workouts and not giving myself rest days. I paid for it in injury. I’ve been doing some Cfit workouts on my own at my school rec center and now I am finally ready to get back to a box. I’ll be going to a cheaper one that is much closer to me and I WILL be mindful of my body this time and the rest it needs.

    Starting out slow is fine. And I am glad that you are trying to heal! 🙂

    • Slow and steady for sure! It’s so pricey… you are completely correct there. I’m glad you were able to recognize not taking care of your body and even though you ended up injured you are working towards a better balance now! Awesome job, Kate!

  3. Hahaha I love your title of this post. So great. I still have not tried CF, but I know someday I will!!! SOMEDAY! That tea though..I want to try that NOW!

    • Yes for sure! I just decided I needed structure because quite honestly I’m sick of doing my own programming lol! That’s cool you tried it even though it’s not for you and that you were able to recognize that and do what is best for you:)

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