Bucket List

Make a list and start checking it off 🙂

  1. Learn a second language (Arabic or Italian, please)
  2. Go skydiving
  3. Visit Europe
  4. Write a book
  5. Group fitness certification
  6. Personal training certification
  7. White water rafting
  8. Visit Hawaii
  9. Crossfit games audience (or the games)…. major respect
  10. Work on my surfing skills
  11. Go scuba diving
  12. Cinnamon challenge
  13. Hike the Presidential Traverse
  14. Complete a triathlon
  15. Go ocean kayaking
  16. Triple unders
  17. Learn muay thai
  18. Go to the Arnold Sports Festival
  19. Get my tragus pierced
  20. Red Sox game
  21. See the pyramids in Egypt
  22. Own a huskie
  23. Visit Alaska
  24. Study abroad
  25. Go bungee jumping
  26. Second tattoo
  27. Join a crossfit box
  28. Win an eating contest…. of pancakes
  29. Have a family
  30. Live a fulfilled and happy life ♥

7 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Hey Sarah,
    nice blog you have here, I like your bucket list! I can cross out numbers 1,3,6,7,17,21 and the rest are pending lol. Well I don’t think I’m down for the skydiving and bungee jumping lol, had the opportunity to do both, but those are a bit too extreme for me xP

    • 🙂 Thank you, Jacob! I’m happy to share my bucket list and blog with you and all the other Exercise Science major’s at school. I honestly believe we can all help each other on this journey through education and just life in general. It’s about continually learning, always having passion, and never giving up.

      I’m definitely pumped to discuss Arabic with you!

  2. You’re welcome 🙂 Nice job with the blog by the way! Must’ve taken some serious time to develop! I completely agree with you there, everyone needs some help sometime, yes indeed, life is a continual learning process, we learn new things pretty much everyday. Couldn’t agree with you more especially about the never giving up part, giving up is easy but you don’t get any benefits from it, the real benefits come from the challenges that are hard as hell but you push through. LOL uh-oh! I’m a bit rusty, hope I don’t disappoint you too much XD You take Func Assessment on Monday right?

      • Yes I am! LOL! I assume you didn’t see me last week or you forgot eh? LOL! It happens, I also have another 5 hours of human anatomy and physiology after that to cope with ughhhhhh, I’ll probably sleep through some of that lecture lol

      • Lol! The memory is coming back to me now…. 😉 We shall have to talk on Monday then! Oh man Anatomy was a killer so glad that’s over with!

  3. Ah ha! You do remember partially seeing me lol! I guess we will! Wait what!? Did you already take Anatomy and physiology? Oh boy, on a scale of 1-10 how bad? Did you have Mrs Caulkins too lol!? If so, that would make it worse by 100X lol, I’m taking anatomy with a Suzanne Moore, just trying to avoid Mrs Caulkins XD

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