Birthday goodies, crossfit, and mojito’s

I completely forgot to mention in my last post that my birthday was on the 14th due to being way to exited about CrossFit. I’m 20 now. Yay. Mmmk onto my next topic.

Wait… hold that thought. Quick shout out.


Goodies from Zandra. HIIII, I love you. Those Justin’s pb cups holy crap, yum.

Ok now I’m really moving on. I’m becoming completely head over heels for Crossfit. The entire community is just so welcoming and helpful I really cannot even explain my appreciation towards them. The box I’m at has a good sized group of competitive athletes which I’m really excited about going forward. The coaches are amazing. Not to mention helpful with all my medical and injury jazz that needs accommodating for now.

Right now the programming includes a lot of strength work anyways so tweaking workouts has been pretty simple. What I trained this week-

Monday 6/17

  • Bulgarian split squat 4×6
  • RLD 4×6

Tuesday 6/18

  • Landmine press 5×6
  • 1 arm DB row 5×6

Thursday 6/20

  • Sumo deadlift 5×4
  • Pull ups (dead hang) 3×5
  • 30/20/10 of KB swings and air squats

Friday 6/21

  • Dead hang pull ups 5×2
  • Landmine press 4×6
  • Push ups (strict) 3×8


I’m feeling really strong on my split squats and deadlifts. My coach is using the split squats as a progression to get my body back to a place of back squatting properly and sumo deadlifts as a progression to traditional deadlifts. I absolutely hate landmine presses but the things we hate are the things that make us stronger, mentally and physically. Right now I’m just trying my best to keep my strength going up while also becoming more mobile. Let’s just say mobility WOD and my lacrosse ball are saving me.

You know what else is saving me? This stuff.


Kevita lime mint coconut mojita.

I’m all about probiotics, especially ones that taste like coconut lime. Mmm and now I want one. However a word of advice is to not drink this while practicing yoga. I tried it and it didn’t end well. The fizzy and the probiotics made my tummy all happy but not in down dog/other upside down poses (headstands…). Churning stomach + upside down = asking for vomit. No I didn’t actually puke. Yes I felt like I was about too. Yes I’m talking about puke on my blog. Got a problem? But really this stuff works wonders, unless it’s all in my head… which is entirely possible but doubtful. I drink either this or a kombucha on my rest days or just days where I feel my body needs a bit extra help and beneficial bacteria roaming around it 😉 Apparently I should be an ambassador for this company or something? I mean I’m sure everyone wants to drink it now that I said I almost threw up drinking it during yoga. That’s cute.

I’m off to meet a friend from the IOP program I was in for coffee and then work to make bank so I can afford my drinkable probiotics.


Do you like deadlifts?

Have you ever had a Justin’s pb cup? Heaven??

Have you tried any of the Kevita drinks?