Catching up

Hey there! Clearly I fell off the blogging bandwagon, and fell off hard. It’s been about a month since I last posted and while I’ve been meaning to get back life just keeps on happening. As much as I’d love to post daily, or even bi-daily I just can’t make that commitment and also keep my sanity right now. Some people can and that’s great, if you’re one of those people major props to you. For right now I’m setting a goal of two posts a week, sometimes three. Hopefully three 🙂

What have I been up to as of late? Let’s see… crossfit, consuming absurd amounts of coffee (although I have cut it back a lot), working, yoga, catching up with friends over the aforementioned beverage of choice, and the full time job that is recovery.

Crossfit has been awesome. I never thought I would find myself really only doing crossfit as my workout regimen. As much as I love obstacle course racing, CF is doing it for me right now. Although I told my coach yesterday I do want to get back to competing in races once my body is physically ready for that training load. Speaking of races, I’ve been reminiscing back to the 2012 Death Race and all the training I put into that.


2012 DR “bib”. When racers were told to sew our race #’s onto our shirts. Duct tape and pink thread, how I do.

With crossfit my lifts have been increasing for the most part. Lots of bulgarian split squats, deadlifts, 1-arm rows, pull ups, squats. I’ve also been working on bench and farmers carries with my own gym time. While I’m still a ways from where I was and far from where I’d like to be that isn’t deterring me. I’m keeping focused and keeping both eyes on the ultimate goal.

Things have been much easier without school work to worry about for the summer. Classes start back up September 3rd and while I’m super excited to get back learning I’m also embracing having more free time to really focus on myself and what I want to be doing with my life. I mean sure education is important to me and I intend to go far with mine but I have other aspects to my life that have the same importance (if not more). It’s no secret my passion is fitness and competition. With being “off the playing field” for about a year now I am becoming more and more antsy to get back and kick some ass. Mainly just get back, ass kicking comes later.

The lack of school has also allowed for me to get in more friend time. Last weekend I met with a lovely lady for coffee, breakfast, and other shenanigans 🙂


Downtown. My liquids of choice: coffee and water. Water in my bottle from Taylor. Thanks girl.


Along with coffee I’ve been fueling with handfuls of this stuff. Tasty.

If you’ve never tried the Enjoy Life trail mix I highly suggest it. It’s fairly allergy friendly for those of us who need it but whether or no you have an allergy it’s good. Really good. I blame the fact it contains chocolate chips. Chocolate makes everything better. Everything.

Well, I think that is enough random mumbo jumble for today. I hope you’re all doing great and enjoying summer! 🙂

What have you been doing workout wise lately?

Ever tried the Seed & fruit trail mix? Or any Enjoy Life product?

Who else is on school break and embracing every.single.moment?


A month of catching up

So it’s been a while to say the least. I’ve received a few emails asking what’s up. Honestly, I’ve been living my life. I’ve been in my treatment program and doing the whole 17 hours of therapy a week thing. I just had finals last week. I’ve been working. I’ve been putting Sarah first.

Without further ado, HIIIIII! I miss this blog, my readers, and connecting!

It’s been a crazy month the end of April and now well into May. First off can I just make the ever so obnoxious comment of… the weather is beautiful. I know I know the weather is discussed waaaay to much, but I’m just being honest, it’s stinkin gorgeous outside. Sunny days make me swoon.


I finished my IOP (intensive out-patient) program last Thursday. This wasn’t entirely my choice as my lovely insurance company cut me off from any more time at the program. Do you pick up my sarcasm? Don’t even get me started but I will say I am SO EXREMELY THANKFUL for the time I was allowed and for being given the opportunity to attend such a program. My time there was taken very seriously and I learned a lot about myself, my goals, and my recovery. I made new friendships which I truly believe will last a lifetime. I gained the help of a nutritionist. Most importantly I’m well on my way to learning how to respect myself.

The spring semester is over! Hallelujah! Finals week is done and I managed to pull off all A’s this semester. I wouldn’t typically mention grades but honestly I’m proud of this because with working and program I wasn’t even sure if I could stay enrolled as a full time student also. This time made me feel like I was loosing my mind most days. Well worth it though, well worth it.

I received an acceptance letter to UNH for Fall 2013. However, I also received the financial aid package and will not be attending. Sadly it costs more to go to UNH as an in-state student than it will for me to pack up my bags and move to attend an out of state university. More on this later. But I will not so kindly say… wtf New Hampshire.

I’ve attempted to maintain a social life.


Meet Jordan. Bestieboo.

I’m not currently training but I do hope to get back into the swing of things soon. I truly love competition. It is a huge part of who I am but this is made extremely complicated by the fact I have an eating disorder. For right now I’m sticking to yoga, stretching, and meditation.

Food wise… well I’m feeling good. No paleo. No primal. No vegan. No zone. None of the labels. Just fueling my body, trying to listen to what it needs for me to gain back my health, and working to rid myself of the obsessions. I’ve tried a bunch of new to me foods and combinations which I’ve also made sure to rave about on instagram, which please do note I’m completely obsessed with. I am working with a nutritionist for the first time and loving it. I mean “loving” by having the support specifically around the food piece and also knowing she’s got my butt covered.


Turkey, marinara, quinoa, veggies, guacamole. Interesting yet super tasty combination. Whole Food’s winning.

That’s my ever so exciting update Winking smile I can’t wait to post more and hear about all of your updates for me!!!